“Always a quest for more, it is never too soon
to establish a blueprint of the Currency Of Time.”


– Mica F. Tan, Chief Executive Officer


MFT Group is on a rapid global growth trajectory. Since its establishment, MFT Group has significantly grown and expanded its investment and operational teams to over 9 countries and 18 cities worldwide. We are poised to become the most recognized strategic business partner of local and global businesses, together with financial institutions and a roster of experts from diverse industries.

MFT Group is aggressively moving forward to fulfill its mission to establish 100 business areas worldwide.



P3 Billion Total Asset
Portfolio Value

Our asset business invests in a range of tangible assets through strategic partnership and subsidiaries from finance and banking to medical and food and beverage around the world.


Rapidly Increasing
Global Footprint

Our investments span a wide range of industries around the world in established and growth oriented businesses alike.


Industry Knowledge

With experience ranging from end to end of vast and diverse fields, our key executives and founders draw from individual backgrounds from across the globe.


We create innovative solutions and reinvent corporate blueprints that influence growth worldwide.


We are the driving force behind 100 admired companies that fly high in their respective fields.

By 2037, we will change the world one deal at a time and empower 100 business areas and maximize their potential value, making us the most recognized, most influential and most sought-after strategic business partner.


We promote a culture of high morale among our employees, providing job security, and global opportunities for career advancement. We create a healthy work environment, grounded on respect and fairness, strengthened by constant engagement and recognition.

Business Subsidiaries and Partners

We develop, support, and steward businesses through strategic acquisition, responsible management, and sharing expertise that allow subsidiaries and partners to provide products and services that are of real value to their end-customers.


We uplift communities for the fulfillment of an empowered quality of life, through our solutions, organizational capabilities and programs that raise awareness for social consciousness, responsibility, and opportunities for action.

Founders & Directors

We preserve positive mutual interests, optimize shareholder returns, and create legacies of success, by building strong relationships among our founders, directors, and all the groups we serve.


These principles are the foundation of MFT Group, reflecting our shared convictions regarding our professional and personal conduct. We consider these things to be fundamental in the way we work.

The founders of MFT Group established a culture based on their own partnership and lifelong friendship. We partner with whom we do business and maintain a shared sense of ownership across the firm. Today, these core values remain ingrained in every aspect of our organization. They are also reflected by the values we live by:

1 - Culture & Values (GRIT)


Exhibiting passion, perseverance and stamina to remain focused in the achievement of long-term goals.

2 - Culture & Values (INTEGRITY)


Protecting and upholding our name, the name of the company, and what it stands for in all we do, even when no one is watching.

3 - Culture & Values (VALUE OF TIME)

Value of Time

Always being prepared, knowing what exactly to prioritize and acting on it now, while being always cognizant of the demands of the future.

4 - Culture & Values (EXCELLENCE)


Consistently striving for the highest quality possible, and going beyond expectations, with a stroke of genius each and every time.

5 - Culture & Values (SYNERGY)


Collaborating with diverse, talented and unique members where the meeting of minds, hearts and actions produce results that are greater than the sum of the individual part.

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