Building the Foundations of Tomorrow

Building the Foundations of Tomorrow

MFT Group of Companies provide solutions creating lasting values to our subsidiaries and to the society at large. We believe that stronger companies with a strong management objective can generate jobs and strengthen a country’s economic standing. Our programs and initiatives focuses on fostering growth and creating enterprises of enduring value. MFT Group of Companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, Tulungan Ang Nilalang (TAN) Foundation Inc., remains committed in providing a meaningful impact with its contributions to the society.

100 Schools Program
“It is our firm belief that the only path to empowerment is education and the only way to achieve quality education is to build proper infrastructure for it. Education in Eastern Samar and Leyte has proven to be a challenge on many levels due to the devastation brought by Typhoon Yolanda. Since then, there has been a shortage of classrooms in which many are overcrowded, in poor condition and often with bad ventilation,” says Founding President, Mica F. Tan.

In response, the Tulungan Ang Nilalang (TAN) Foundation in partnership with The Juan & Isabel Zapanta Foundation (JIZF), will help build and rebuild a total of 100 Schools. The planned location of these schools were identified by the Department of Education as those areas in greatest need, with each newly constructed school having 2 classrooms that can accommodate 100 elementary or high school students annually.

The first of the100 schools to be built is the Brigida Elementary School in Tolosa, Leyte which will accommodate elementary school students from Grades1 to 6. This program aims to alleviate overcrowding, cut class sizes and reduce long travel distances.

He Cares Foundation
Built on the conviction that education is one of the keys to a better future for the country, the MFT Group’s 100 Schools Program together with He Cares Foundation, a Christian nonprofit organization, will work together to provide educational assistance to the street children in Manila.

The mission of He Cares Foundation is two-folded:

1.To help provide permanent residences to street children, eventually leadings to a safe and healthy livelihood
2. To strengthen the street children’s relationships with God.

Founded by full time lay missionaries Joe Dean Sola and his wife Ardisin 1996, the foundation is currently managing five major programs. These are “Balik-Loob sa Diyos” (Back to God), “Balik-Kalusugan” (Back to Health), “Balik -Bahay” (Back to Home), “Balik-Aral” (Back to School), and “Balik-Hanapbuhay” (Back to Work) Programs. Currently, MFT Group’s way of support to the 100 High School and College Scholars is by contributing to cover the tuition fees and travel expenses of each student through it’s advocacy, “100 Scholars Program”

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