MFT Group encourages companies to stay resilient in the ‘new normal’

MFT Group encourages companies to stay resilient in the ‘new normal’

Until there is a successful trial for a vaccine against COVID-19, many business operations across different sectors are expected to see a slowdown, as community lockdowns are currently being implemented to curb the spread of the virus.

The “new normal” in the workplace could be daunting, but with a comprehensive business continuity plan, businesses can remain afloat and uphold their organization’s pillars. This holds true for MFT Group of Companies CEO Mica F. Tan.

During the Go Negosyo’s Women in Leadership: Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plan online panel discussion last April 27, Tan discussed how MFT Group is navigating the current business atmosphere and shared strategies on how to onboard employees in their adjusted way of doing business as the threat of COVID-19 remains.

“Staying connected is key. In any organization, what connects people the most are their values. Now is actually a test of your company values: Do your people know their company value, do they embrace it? Do they live, eat and breathe it?”, Tan said. “Each person is part of the solution and they need to involve everybody for solutions.”

It is clear that the implemented measures to fight the pandemic are compelling company leaders to be creative in rethinking strategies and best practices for running a business in a reduced or altered form.

And for MFT Group’s part, although the restrictions on restaurant services have drastically affected its F&B enterprises, the rise of community commerce and increase in frozen food consumption have magnified the benefit of acquiring a commissary as the distribution model changes.

As for its healthcare arm, Mondial Medical Technologies, it remains sales-driven due to the upswing of demand for medical equipment given the current health crisis.

MFT Group has also been continuously involving and building its team’s cross functional skills by extending opportunities to them, as well as their families and friends. One way is to earn commissions by selling medical products from its healthcare arm.

Of this approach, Tan said, “Commit to evolving and have an open mind. Break the old mindset and bring your skill, discipline, and attitude to level 10 because the crisis demands. Do whatever it takes and be humble enough.”


To effectively weather the unprecedented impact of the global health crisis to businesses, she said leaders have to reach new heights in making decisions to shore off the strength and agility of the organization, as well manage their cash flow and marketing strategies.

The most important step is to motivate and mobilize employees to run towards the same direction. One way is to radicalize them to break old mindset while ensuring their safety and well-being.

“Employees are our number one priority. Without them we have no business. Check on them if they’re empowered,” Tan added.

Moreover, MFT Group, together with Mondial, has stepped up its role in helping the country address medical needs by setting up emergency quarantine facilities to build on the capacity of hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. Its F&B subsidiary, Mimi & Bros., has also committed to provide meals for the valiant frontliners through its “Road to 10,000 Strong” campaign.

“It is in times of crisis that good leaders emerge. And this is across all levels not only at work, but how you lead yourself, how you lead your family, and how you lead your relationships also,” she said.

For her parting message, Tan posed a challenge to turbocharge and encourage entrepreneurship among the viewers, “If you can make money with no money then you can make money. I posed that challenge because every entrepreneur started with nothing, everybody started with zero, and it became an amazing profit in the end.”

Go Negosyo Mentor ME Online— which is a spin-off of Mentor ME on Wheels held in malls— is an online platform that advocates and promotes MSME development through mentorship. In the special episode, Tan was also joined by other female business leaders, including Rosalind Wee, Co-founder and vice chairman of W Group of Companies; Olivia Limpe-Aw, the president of Destileria Limtuaco and Co; as well as Gretchen Ho, the panel moderator.

To watch the full version of the discussion, please check the link to the web session:

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