MFT Group taking Salad Stop to Spain

MFT Group taking Salad Stop to Spain

By: Inside Retail Philippines | July 10, 2017

Following expansion in the Philippines, Singapore’s Salad Stop is on its way to Europe following the MFT Group acquiring its master franchise for Spain last month.

“I find Salad Stop to be a brand fit for health-conscious individuals like me,” says Philippines-based MFT Group CEO Mica Tan.

With more than 20 outlets in Asia, the Salad Stop health-food chain has 16 salad bars. From Singapore, it spread to Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Its first stop in Europe will be in Barcelona.

Partnering with Spain-based finance and investment banker Pol Parareda, MFT Group saw the potential of serving a large urban area with a population of about 5 million.

Salad Stop Barcelona will be run by Swedish chef Emma Skoog, who has been in the F&B sector since 2001. After moving to Spain in 2004 and learning about Spanish cuisine, she became a cook at Barcelona’s Market Hotel and Restaurant. She later became kitchen chef at Menjador’s A Famous Tapas Place.

The MFT Group is a diversified financial-holdings firm which has 20 subsidiaries from various industries, including retail, fashion and lifestyle, and food. Outside the Philippines, it has a presence in Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the US.

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