Our Portfolio

Fueled by intellectual and flexible capital, we are steadfast in our mission to help companies restructure corporate blueprints. Our ultimate objective is to add long-term value for our investors and the companies that we form strategic partnerships with, thus creating positive economic impact.

Financial Services & Asset Management


Asian Invest is an asset management and investment advisory firm that is well positioned to connect clients globally with wealth opportunities, leveraging on Asia being at the center of global trade and commerce, with the Philippines as one of the engines of growth.


MRACC Credit Corp is a financial institution that aims to assist Filipinos who are employed or in business to improve their financial stability through its financial planning, counselling and loan assistance services.

Tambunting Online is an online platform that provides customers a quick, reliable and secure way to pawn items privately, from the comfort of their homes.


Mondial Medical Technologies was borne out of a vision to provide complete, superior standard and globally competitive medical products and solutions in the Philippines. Fueled by innovation and the drive to offer world class equipment and devices to our partners, our thrust is to be the bridge to modernizing the Philippine healthcare industry and be a catalyst to changing the way health care service is delivered.

Food & Beverage

SaladStop! Spain & SaladStop! Vietnam – SaladStop! is the first and largest healthy food chain in Asia. A pioneer of the healthy eating movement, its core values are integrity, respect, and a commitment to excellence – reflected in every step of the process whether it is working with farm partners, the new locally inspired dressing of the season, or the way their team is considered family.

SaladStop’s successful market entry in Europe, by way of the bustling city of Barcelona, has paved the way for more rapid expansion to the rest of Spain. In Asia, its latest destination will be Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

La Lola Churreria serves the best, authentic Spanish churros in the whole of Singapore. Each churro is a work of art and made with love using 100% olive oil, premium house chocolate and authentic Spanish dough.

Tzun An Sek Corporation is a company that focuses on providing quality food by way of its family restaurant establishments in Metro Manila.

Mimi & Bros. is a restaurant and bar that has become known for its core offerings – the best fried chicken, ribs and chops. Inspired by the latest trend of walk-up bars in Los Angeles that seamlessly blend the indoors with the world beyond, it is a fresh addition to the thriving Bonifacio Global City landscape.

Real Estate & Related Products

FlySpaces empowers businesses as a digital marketplace that provides short-term work and meeting space solutions to entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and mobile professionals. Whether the need is for an hour, a day, a week or a few months – this enterprise has a network of hundreds of spaces to discover across key South East Asian cities.

Accentik Inc. is a Philippines-based distributor of architectural film finishes. The company’s primary offering is high-quality Korean engineered architectural films that come in over 1,000 varieties simulating wood, metal, leather, stone, among others. Accentik provides environment-friendly, cost-efficient and time-saving alternatives to traditional finishing materials.

MFT Properties is a real estate group that encompasses investments across the opportunistic development of properties. MFT Properties seeks to invest in office, retail, hotel, industrial and residential properties, with a purpose to improve the properties portfolio through hands-on management and targeted value-add initiatives.


UPSTART is a business simulator board game that allows players to experience the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey without the risk, equipping them with tools & insights to help take their business to the next level. Players learn lifelong lessons in an environment of fun, collaboration and play.


2Puffs is an electronic cigarette manufacturing and distribution company based in California with 950 distribution centers worldwide. It remains to date as one of the most recognizable brands in the vaping industry worldwide.


Trade Pro TRADE PRO is an intelligently designed trading tool that brings premier analysis filtered to your needs. Discover profitable opportunities through indicators, historical data, various chart types, graphical tools, and built-in price movement alerts.


EM-RAC Petro Corp. is a proudly Filipino-owned oil company distribution dedicated to providing high-quality petroleum products at a fair price.


MFT Entertainment is in the business of actively organizing entertainment projects that seek to create high impact and breakthrough experiences supported by mutually beneficial partnerships. These programs and initiatives include Cinema, Music, Theater, and Sports.

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