Maria Francesca F. Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Francesca “Mica” F. Tan is the CEO of MFT Group of Companies. Highly entrepreneurial and a born visionary, Mica has under her belt, at a very young age, vast experience in different business ventures and financial markets. At 13 years old, she gained hands-on experience in stock trading and working the foreign exchange markets under the mentorship of industry experts.

Notably, Mica was about to take her bachelor’s degree at Fordham University in New York but decided to start her business journey early and founded MFT Group of Companies, a private equity firm that adheres to the principles of restructuring corporate blueprints of family legacy businesses.

Today, MFT Group has built and significantly expanded its investment and operational teams in over 9 countries and 18 cities, with businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, regions, and asset classes: Financial Services, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Real Estate & Related Products, Lifestyle, Technology, Petroleum, and Entertainment. The company envisions to grow its footprint to 100 business areas worldwide.

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