“Why I Started Young in the Stock Market” By a 23-Year-Old CEO

“Why I Started Young in the Stock Market” By a 23-Year-Old CEO

By: Money Summit & Wealth | July 2, 2015

What have you accomplished when you were 23? If there’s one thing this young CEO has proven, you can never be too young to succeed in business and investing.

Highly entrepreneurial and a born visionary, Maria Francesca “Mica” Tan has already had plenty of experience in different business ventures and financial markets, even at a very young age. During her teenage years, she has experienced stock trading on the floor with the experts, trading in the foreign exchange market, putting up a foundation, and building a large network of distributors in the Philippines and overseas.

Learning from the many mentors she has accumulated through the years and her own failures and successes as a young entrepreneur, Mica is now more focused on helping struggling entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. She says, “I don’t believe that only money will solve a business challenge.” Always an empty cup that hungers to be filled, Mica knows that there is something important to learn from every person. She’s a firm believer that to be successful, one always needs other people – there is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’

Trained by experts from Regina Capital, Forex Club Manila, Business Maker Academy, and Bank of the Philippine Islands, Mica got to experience and appreciate what real business means – it’s getting yourself out there, eating criticisms and rejections for breakfast, and slaying dragons all day. Persistence is an understatement for someone like Mica Tan – her boldness is haunting.

Aside from her chief executive role in the MFT Group of Companies, Mica Tan is also the Vice President of Tzun An Sek Corporation, Founding President of the Tulungan Ang Nilalang (T.A.N.) Foundation, Inc., and CEO of MR Angel Credit Corporation. She continues to sit in the Boards of a growing number of corporations, both in the Philippines and in international markets.

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