The MFT Group of Companies acquires Salad Stop Master Franchise for Spain

The MFT Group of Companies acquires Salad Stop Master Franchise for Spain

By: PSST.PH | June 30, 2017

Source: PSST.PH

Spain is huge in the culinary world, and cities like Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian have long had a strong presence on the foodie map. All the same, each region, city and even town boasts their own specialties, and depending on where you are, you can enjoy truly authentic foods that you may not find anywhere else. Traditional foods in Barcelona include anything from fideuà, paella’s noodle cousin, to crema catalana, the ancestor of creme brulée. But what many people do not know is the huge demand for consumers to eat something healthier, like a bowl of fresh greens or salads. Thus, the MFT Group of Companies takes pride in bringing Salad Stop in Barcelona!

Salad Stop originated from Singapore and slowly but surely making waves in the food industry. The Philippines -based MFT Group of Companies has acquired Salad Stop’s master franchise recently and saw the huge potential of bringing in healthier food alternatives to the European consumers in Barcelona, Spain.

The typical Catalan diet tends more toward the meat, seafood, potatoes and pasta. With Salad Stop’s master franchise’s vision of health conscious dining, more and more people are inclined in maintaining a healthy diet.

Food has been changing slowly and subtly over the past decade as the movement to know the origins of what you are eating has gained a steam. Like most places worldwide, the “eat local” initiative has sparked a healthy trend in dining out—healthy for diners as well as Mother Earth.

At the same time, aging populations and food allergies have caused restaurants to address dietary needs such as low sodium, low cholesterol, gluten free and peanut free. Organic growing is on the rise, making it easier for restaurants such as Salad Stop to source pesticide-and-chemical-free products.

Salad Stop’s master franchise in Barcelona will be featuring healthy vegan and fresh greens on their menu. Restaurants all over have done their part to somehow clean up their menus to offer not just token vegetarian dishes but well thought out meals with the guest’s well being in mind.

This is where MFT Group of Companies’ Salad Stop’s master franchise for Spain comes in. The restaurant will be offering locally sourced, healthy dining. Besides the organic and vegetarian stuff, it samples some fine ingredients that source carefully and even chain dining option that earns inclusion by its faithful adherence to good health.

MFT Group of Companies ventured into the food industry through its strategic partnership with Pol Parareda, a finance and investment banker from Spain. The MFT Group saw the increase of restaurants serving salads and the customers lining up for a table to eat deliciously good and healthy food.

“We are thrilled to bring a great brand of nutrition, health, and wellness from Asia to Spain. I find Salad Stop to be a brand fit for the health-conscious individuals like me,” said pescatarian MFT Group CEO Mica F. Tan. “Not only do we contribute to Salad Stop’s health movement, we also add to the industry’s trend leading to economic growth. We’re glad to be chosen as strategic partner in this wellness movement of Salad Stop,” added the millennial executive.

As the largest healthy food chain in Asia, Salad Stop currently operates in 20 outlets, many of which are spread across malls or key cities in the metro. It offers nutritious salads and wraps one can find, with premium toppings and fillings plus signature dressings to choose from.

Salad Stop’s regular menu includes different healthy bowls of fresh greens, quinoa, wraps etc. You can also create your own salad and decide your own choice of dressing. For Salad Stop’s master franchise in Barcelona, Swedish born Emma Skoog will be at the helm. Her vast experience in the food and beverage industry as well as her knowledge of Spanish lifestyle and eating habits will be considered on the menu offering.

It’s thoughtful that Salad Stop Barcelona would strive to serve the best possible food for our good health. But it’s even better that their salads reflect the kind of creative thinking that raises them above typical health food juice-bar fare. Their salads are served made to order. Who would’ve thought something healthy like salads would actually taste just as yummy? Only Salad Stop was able to do that!

With more individuals embracing the wellness movement in the food and beverage industry, it’s just the right time that the MFT Group brings Salad Stop in Europe, particularly, in Barcelona. The goal is changing the way people think about food.

With healthy and deliciously good food plus world-class service, it’s about time that people will respond to Salad Stop’s call of “EAT, WIDE, AWAKE.”

Salad Stop’s master franchise in Barcelona, Spain will be opening this month of July. Salad Stop is located at Balmes 193 corner Travessera de Gracia, Barcelona, Spain.

Congratulations to the MFT Group of Companies for bringing Asia into that part of Europe!

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